First Award-Winning Illuminating Check Presenter

Recognized by the Hospitality Industry to
"Improve The Guest Experience"

How does the Illuminating Window get more tables?

  • Its alerts server quicker that Guest is "Ready to pay their check"
  • Results Faster Table-turns
  • More seating's per shift
  • For every 25 Tables Gain 2 more tables
  • Results in Higher Tips & Increases Check Average

How can my guests read their checks without using their lights on their
Smart phones?

  • LED Light Provides Light to Check 
  • Guest will able to read check in"Dark environments"
  • Resulting in less "Charge backs"

Customize Light Up Your Brand & Your Sales

  • Constant Visibility 
  • Promote Your Brand successfully
  • Visually Engaging 
  • Low Cost, High Return


Push Here to turn LED Light on

Push Here to turn LED Light on

To Turn On

To turn on LED Light push the "PRESS FOR SERVICE" button, the light will go on. Push  "PRESS FOR SERVICE", two times and LED Light for Check will go on.


Battery operated with two CR2032

Battery operated with two CR2032

Battery Operated

Operates with two small Lithium batteries
Battery Life: 6-8 Months

Ready Check Glo vs Old Check Presenter