About Our Founder & CEO

Celestina, is an entrepreneur with a vision.
Utilizing her 20 years of expertise in business, finance, management and leadership, together with her courage to take risks, she launched Ready Check Glo in 2010.

Her invention."The Illuminating Check Presenter" is said to be "Genius" by insiders in the hospitality industry. 


2004 – Celestina, launched "Just For The Weekend".
A solution for the over-packer, "The Pre-Packed Weekend Bag: Six pieces of essential clothing, enclosed in a travel bag- perfect for a weekend getaway. She took her idea to the travel industry and introduced the "1st Lost Luggage Kit". The Kit sold to major cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland, and Celebrity.
2000 – Celestina, was a highly sought-after motivational speaker for women in New York.
she was invited to speak at numerous venues such as The Learning Annex and made several TV appearances. She was also the subject of a Japanese TV documentary which was filmed on location in New York, for her well known inspirational and motivational speaking.
1995 – Celestina worked as a stock trader for over 10 years.
She also managed traders worldwide and help train over 1,000 new stock traders from countries such as Canada,  to Europe.

Celestina graduated from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Communications. She also studied in Perugia, Italy where she attended Universita Per Stranieri. Celestina is also fluent in three languages.

She currently lives in New York and Florida.

Featured in College Book

Celestina and her invention was so well received, it was featured in Number 1, college business book.
"Small Business Management Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures" for students business classes in universities all over the USA

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