Our Story

Late Summer of 2009, Celestina Pugliese was dining out one evening with a friend who is a restaurateur.
Towards the end of dinner, the server came over to the table and dropped the check on the table without even being asked. The server then repeatedly...

What is Ready Check Glo?

First Award-Winning Illuminating Guest Check Presenter & Cocktail Menu Recognized by the Hospitality Industry to “Improve the Guest Experience” by:
* Alerting servers that guests are “Ready to pay their check”.
* Prompting faster table-turns.
* More seating’s per shift equals More Revenue.
* A solution to Dim Lighting.
* LED Light to Illuminate Check so guests can read check in dark environments.

What’s New


WSWA, Convention
Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America April 8-10, 2014 Las Vegas, NV -
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ETA Transact 14
The Electronic Transactions Association April 8-10,2014 Las Vegas, NV -
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VINITALY Verona Italy
We will exhibit at the World's largest Wine Show. April 7-10 – Click here for details.

Ready Check Glo Video

The Inventor's and Distributor's of the award winning "illuminating guest check presenter and cocktail menu" believe that this product can benefit your business, If you are involved in the restaurant, liquor or hospitality industries this product will improve your day to day business, as well as current and future marketing campaigns.

The Illuminating Guest Check Presenter & Cocktail Menu has evolved into an invaluable advertising tool for these industries. We have already attracted the attention of well-known liquor, wine and beer companies, all looking to use our product to gain market share and advertise their own brands.


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  • Mama’s Ladas Sioux Falls, SD >

  • 180 Restaurant Newport, RI >

  • Betrand’s Bistro Erie,PA >

  • Gradisca Restaurant NY, NY >

  • ViceVersa Restaurant NY, NY >